God's Grace is Amazing!!!!

YOYO (You’re Only Young Once) Amazing Grace Youth Sabbath


By Karen Kawadza

The Holy Spirit works in amazing ways. Just as Pam was taking prayer requests, Robbie, who had suffered from a horrific accident that even doctors had deemed fatal telling his family that he had a 10% chance of surviving, came to Amazing Grace on a wheelchair after months of prayer and fasting for his life by the church. Truly we were left in absolute awe at how God had spoken through Pam and took complete control of the Youth Sabbath.

Do we believe that God can actually save? Do we believe that God can make us well again? Do we take our prayer requests and put them in a tomb? Those were some of the questions that Pam asked throughout her powerful sermon that left the hairs on our necks standing. Our preacher made us question how we pray to God. Are our prayers too small because we lack faith in God? The sermon was based on the story of Nazarus which is well known for having the shortest verse in the bible “Jesus wept” Pam expressed how Jesus weeps on a daily basis because of our doubts but Jesus says ‘Stumble with your problems but keep on coming for I never saved a holy person”.

Sabbath school was led by Sympathy. Their topic was ‘The fruits of the spirit’ mainly emphasizing the fruit of love, The audience were asked what their definition of love is and some replies were that ‘love is just a feeling’ to them as it ‘comes and goes’ and that ‘love is caring for someone unconditionally’. The girls concluded the Sabbath school by reminding us of how love can make the world go round.

Hearing the familiar tune ‘Yes Jesus loves me’ the kids rushed down eagerly to hear Kumbo’s children children’s story about having faith in God. The talented young singer/rapper Kuzi sang a song he had written himself about how wonderful God is which had the audience in a standing ovation at the end.

During call to worship led by Innocent, a visitor gave a testimony about how “If you see God, everything just falls into place” after admitting how she was led to Amazing Grace that Sabbath after hearing pastor singing church hymnals next door in his garden. An example of how giving the slightest praise to God in our daily lives can minister to the people watching around us.

Throughout the morning, the uplifting praise and worship was led by Pearl and Siya accompanied by Allen on piano. We were also extremely blessed to have the group Legacy giving us special Items. The inspiring morning programme was followed by a scrumptious potluck where we also got to fellowship in conversation with friends, family and visitors.

The afternoon kicked off with vibrant African gospel music that got everyone on their feet rejoicing, followed by an intriguing interview which was directed to us as the youth to help us understand that our parents went through the same situations we face. Quote Auntie Bonita “There is nothing new under the sun”

Our interviewers were Dr.Phill (Kabi) and Oprah (Shomo).

The interviewees were Merafe Ramono, Levi Nyembe and Bonita Barrends all dressed up looking hip and younger. Some of the questions asked were “Who was your role model when growing up?” and “What temptations did you face when growing up” and each responded with similar problems that the youth can relate to. The points that were stressed the most were the need for us to know ourselves and the dangers of pressure. Their words were wise and encouraging and they showed us themselves in a different light. It is amazing how we as the youth cannot picture our elders dressed differently a few decades ago to the usual suit and tie, formal dress and heels, so 10-years-ago cameo pants and unknown label tops they wear now but the interview reiterated the face that they were young once too!The youth of Amazing Grace have definitely started the year with a BANG refreshed and recharged! At the start of the year we made a vow that this year will be a year of out-of-this world testimonies, breakthroughs, Youth ministering and evangelizing. God is multiplying our talents so that we can touch hearts and spread the advent message to all the world in our generation. Expect the unexpected, watch this space!

So, what do you think ?