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CV & Resume Templates and Advice

Hey guysPlease find attached some templates that you can use.
Some tips:
  • make sure your spelling and grammar is on point
  • be as open about your skills as possible, especially stuff like the languages you speak or informal skills you may have
  • (if you are) say things like determined, hard working, willing to learn, under one of the personal headings
  • if you are writing a motivation letter be as to the point as possible and try to always speak positively.
  • please don’t oversell yourself, rather say I have one thing but I’m willing to learn more than to say you have and you don’t, they might test you in the interview :)
Please make sure your references are aware that they are your reference and what type of job you are searching for.

Lastly, if you would like us to proof read a cv or motivation letter please send it a few days in advance for us to read it ( ) and get back to you before the closing date.

And then just a personal tip- read more. It helps increase your reading, writing and communication.
If there are any other more specific questions please feel free to shout.
Here are two templates