God's Grace is Amazing!!!!

Soundcheck and Youth Day Pieces July 2014

  • Praise and worship

    Praise and worship

  • Spoken word

    Spoken word

  • Jam sessions

    Jam sessions

  • Thats how we do

    Thats how we do

  • worship moments

    worship moments

  • step up

    step up

  • organized noise

    organized noise

  • black and white

    black and white

  • from the heart

    from the heart

  • melodies from heaven

    melodies from heaven

  • the lonely bird sings in winter snow

    the lonely bird sings in winter snow

  • joy to the world

    joy to the world

  • preacher man

    preacher man

July Soundcheck pieces were just awesome



Worship leaders

… it was just awesome.


Photography by Chimwemwe Nyimba

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