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SoundCheck July 2014: Lets talk about Sex-uality

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Artists for tonite

MC: Kabi

Real Talk Faciliator: Claudene the Queen

Spoken word and poetry

  • Chichi – Sexual Healing
  • Janettikz

Musical performances and pieces

  • Ofentse
  • Hannah and Joy
  • Chosen
  • Clarissa



  • Discussion opened with a question from the floor on – the definition of sexual identity
  • Most of the young people said they didn’t know what sexual identity means
  • It was broken down into two physical and psychological – physical there’s nothing you can do to change genetics. Psychological though is where you can decide regardless of your genetics. And its the psychological that we’re looking at and discussing
  • An issue came up about I stay pure and my partner doesn’t. Double standards, especially for men. Its okay for men to sleep around but as a woman society expects you to be pure.
  • The floor agreed that your purity is your responsibility. Your problem. Everyone else’s purity is their problem. God will give you the desires of your heart. Focus on God
  • People brought up the issue of virginity. If you’ve lost your virginity once you come to God you can regain your virginity spiritually. But that’s not a get out of jail free card to just do whatever you want with whoever you want.
  • The youth also learnt that sex isnt just physical its also emotional and spiritual and that you give a part of yourself to the person. If you dont mind leaving pieces of yourself with different people then you can sleep around.
  • For the double standards, the discussion ended up saying there’s no male or female. All standards apply the same with God to everyone
  • We focused mostly on partnering and purity….stay tuned for sabbath where we’ll focus again on identity and who we are and how we see ourselves

Pastor’s closing remarks

As usual, Pastor dropped something deep. Hes real like that

  • When God designed us, He made us to function a specific way. Anything that we do outside of that, including sexual immorality means we’re malfunctioning.
  • Society has conditioned us to not being normal and to not want to be normal. To see normal as smething bad or something wrong. But actual to be normal means to function the way God wanted to function. to be human the way God wanted us to be human.
  • We need to strive to normal. To be functional.


So, what do you think ?