God's Grace is Amazing!!!!

Amazing Grace Womens Day August 2014


By Karen Kawadza
Ephesians 5:22, probably one of the most seemingly provocative verses in the bible if read on the surface and not understood. “Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to The Lord” the problem is in the word ‘submit’ which is defined in the worldly dictionary as ‘accepting or yielding to a superior force or to the authority or will of another person’ it is clear why sparks may fly. However the biblical word submit ‘assumes that both parties have equal authority but one chooses to allow the other to lead or have the final say in order to ensure unity of purpose’.

Andrew gave us a powerful illustration of the animals in a zoo. Why are the lions kept in extreme isolation from the visitors? High fenced walls fitted with barbed wires at the top yet on the other hand, the gazelles are free to roam in an area with lower walls? That’s obvious right. Because lions and tigers are predators it’s their natural instinct to hunt even though they are fed and have their needs met in the zoo. Women are like the lions. A women’s natural instinct is for authority which she learns to use through submission. A women will submit to her husband not because he is considered ‘superior’ but because she chooses to go according to Gods commandment.

Therefore, it is essential that the wife must only submit to a God-fearing man who loves her as much as he loves God and the husband can only love a women who will submit in the way Christ did to his Father. That was just the morning study to our Women’s Day. Soundcheck the night before gave us a small but extremely powerful
introduction to just how much Jesus loves us. A sweet spirit loomed over that night as we fellowshipped in stimulating poetry, beautiful items of music and thought-provoking discussions. It had been the smallest group we’ve had so far but one of the most spiritual and deep nights ever followed after by a half night vigil.

In the morning of the sabbath, Maria and I gave a presentation on how the role of a women has been confused In society but Proverbs 31 gives us the best guide line in
understanding a virtuous woman. We also spoke briefly about how women are starting to loose their value and self-worth due to society constantly objectifying us but God did not create us to be shadows. We presented a touching piece called The Virtues Of A Woman – a must read!

Auntie Noma preached a sermon assessing our faith especially directing towards the young women. Potluck never fails to fill us, that special sabbath we were blessed with an extravagant buffet. In the Afternoon, Claudene led us through a discussion and presentation about the similarities between the character of a woman
and God.

Once again, Amazing Grace youth leaders and the youth managed to bring another exciting event. Especially the Women who contributed massively to making the YAWM day a success! We hope to see you at our next Youth Day and Soundcheck.

So, what do you think ?